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You guys did a great job on creating our new site. Our old site was lacking design and functionality but with our new site it looks great and functions awesome. Thanks for all your help, everyone should use your services.

– Tim Fox
Manager / Owner

SETDA Love the new website & logo design. Thanks for the great price and service

– Bill Hunt
President SETDA

Bill Hunt, South Eastern taxi drivers Association

I am delighted to be asked to provide you with a testimonial re your work in establishing a web-site for St. Jude’s parish.

I should like to make the following observations:

-> the web-site is:

very ‘user-friendly’
creative and artistic in its presentation
clearly informative
easily accessible and easily able to be changed on a weekly basis
allows for future expansion

On a more personal, yet professional level, I found that you brought to the project, very competent and high skills in computer technology. You were able to engage me and open my mind to different perspectives and you promptly, and without fuss, carried out any instructions that I may have had regarding the web-site’s contents and links. Indeed, I believed there were times when you went beyond the ‘call of duty’ to satisfy the parish’s requirements.

Overall, it was a pleasure working with you and I do want to acknowledge that the final package is indeed something of which I hope you are proud for I am definitely satisfied and have been thrilled to work with you. The parish has been privileged to have gained such an excellent and first-rate web-site.

Thank you very much.
Fr. Robert F. Wood
(Parish Priest)

Fr. Robert F. Wood, St. Jude’s parish